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Company presentation

In 1983 BIANSA started operations, primarily dedicated to the assembly and disassembly of metal structures for industry. Our clients were mainly big industrial Spanish companies.
Over the years, BIANSA has grown and diversified activities, providing scaffolding services in thermal power plants, both conventional and combined cycle. At the same time, BIANSA was able to provide scaffolding services throughout Spain, as our customers required.

Nowadays, BIANSA is focusing on the installation of the structural elements that make up the solar field in a Thermosolar Powerplant (CSP) and performing all the activities of the commissioning and mechanical start-up of these plants. In these activities, Spanish companies are market leaders and are working all over the world. In fact, BIANSA is now providing these services in Morocco and in South Africa.

BIANSA also provides specialised staff to perform control room operation (CRO) during commissioning, start-up and operation of CSP plants. All they have a broad experience in thermosolar powerplants.
Shipyards are one of the most important sectors that BIANSA works for, both in scaffolding activities as well as in general services, in Spain and Panama.
We keep on providing scaffolding services, mostly for industrial facilities, in Spain and abroad.
The surveying activities, necessary for the erection and leveling of the solar field in a CSP Thermosolar plant, have become part of our activity. Our surveying team have much experience and has worked with us for a long time, not only in thermosolar powerplants, but in industry and shipyards.
In order to give the best service to our clients, we can operate worldwide. In Spain, we have delegations and working teams based at Bilbao, Puertollano, Sevilla and Santander. Abroad, we are located in Morocco, Germany and Panama.

We have also provided technical assistance for the erection of solar field in GENESIS Solar Project 250 MW, promoted by NextEra in Blythe, CA, USA.

Main sectors we're working are:
·         Industry: petrochemical, steelmaking, cement
·         Thermal Powerplants: combined cycle 
·         Shipyards
·         Renewable energy: thermosolar CSP, PV, biomass

BIANSA owns most of the instruments, equipment, tools and machinery required to perform the activities of commissioning and start-up of CSP powerplants.
BIANSA’s Technical Department is responsible for the design of structures and systems we provide. They also control working teams in both the scaffolding, shipyard general services and solar field installing activities.

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